WTG makes a difference for its clients, whether they need to revamp their overall strategy, enter a new market, attract funding, design information management processes, streamline for operational efficiencies, or prepare executives for new areas of responsibility.

From our first day of involvement, clients are clear on the results they can expect, and we leave them with a stronger foundation for sustainable improvements and superior long-term performance. As a result, we continue to build lasting business relationships.

WTG helps clients advance toward their goals through a comprehensive portfolio of services that fall within five general categories:

We offer Thought Partnership by:
• Applying ideation techniques to prompt creativity and innovation
• Blending inductive and deductive reasoning to support decision making
• Sharing tactics to heighten persuasiveness, influence and impact

We foster Strategic Planning by:
• Facilitating planning sessions, management meetings and executive retreats
• Assessing organizational dynamics and environmental complexities
• Identifying and evaluating opportunities for sustainable value creation

We accelerate Strategic Activation by:
• Designing roadmaps that enable organizations to translate strategy into execution
• Constructing managerial processes and tools to propel sustainable progress
• Positioning executive teams to embrace impact-driven, outcomes-oriented methodologies

We enhance Operational Effectiveness by:
Diagnosing organizational problems and operational challenges

• Enabling performance improvement and prioritized resource allocation
• Orchestrating multi-faceted, interdisciplinary projects

We provide Professional Development by:
• Constructing customized learning sessions and experiential programs
• Providing robust feedback to promote team self-reflection and organizational growth

• Advising and counseling executives in critical skill development areas

WTG has completed a diverse array of engagements in the academic, private and social sectors.

"A long enough lever can move the world." ~Archimedes

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